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The SELION M12 pruner is one of a kind, thanks to its weight and its exceptional design, which lends itself to a wide range of potential uses. Selion M12 facilitates the gentle pruning work of shade trees, ornamental trees and robust hedges. It is distinguished by its compactness, fineness and the quality of its cut.

• 1,200 W PELLENC Brushless motor (equivalent to 30 cm³)
• Absence of a clutch and direct drive with the chain gear: more durable and more reliable
• Pruner designed for fruit growers and vineyards
• Minimum battery life of one work day

• Unique thanks to its exclusive design
• Ergonomic Soft Touch handle
• Only 1.7 kg in hand!

• At least € 7 in petrol saved per day
• Time savings
• Low maintenance
• Uses up to 30 % less chain oil

• Noise-free operation
• Zero emissions and zero waste

Safety is paramount and PELLENC has developed 4 innovations to help protect the user:


    1. Kickback sensor with electronic start-up: this device instantly triggers an electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is 8 times more sensitive than a combustion engine operated chainsaw chain brake.


    1. The second safety feature is part of the tool’s auto-diagnostic system: SELION checks during first use that the electronic kickback sensor is operational, if this is the case, the machine will operate.


    1. The third safety feature is the double-press start-up trigger: this prevents the accidental start-up of the chainsaw.


    1. The final safety feature is the use of OREGON chains with little kickback: the kickback phenomenon, if it occurs, will be much less violent than that of a traditional chainsaw.

PELLENC offer a 3 Year Commercial Warranty on all batteries and equipment*
*Vinion and Prunion warranty applicable only if tool is serviced annually by an approved Pellenc dealer.