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The RASION 2 SMART Electronic mower has been designed to operate quietly – just 93db. The Rasion is ideal for councils & contractors who operate in noise sensitive areas and garden care specialists who want a quieter, light weight and environmentally friendly option in a professional quality mower. No fuel to deal with and up to 5 hours run time (or 5,400m.sq) on a single charge — simply swap the battery over to keep on mowing!

Very easy to handle, light and compact, Rasion 2 is easy to transport and offers exceptional mowing quality. An efficient machine that incorporates a new electronic management system with an IMS* circuit board, which allows for improved heat dissipation. The new Easy & Smart models also incorporate brushless direct drive in-wheel motors thus eliminating gears, reducing noise and increasing efficiency.

Quite please, we're mowing!

  • 91 dB at speed 3 and 93dB at maximum power
  • New silent Brushless wheel motor with direct drive
  • Can be used in noise sensitive residential areas at any time of day
  • Can be equipped to use the 1500 ULB or 1100, 700 ULB Li_ion batteries or even the new ALPHA 520 battery for short runs


  • Exceptionally low vibration rate of 0.7m/s² (compared to 4.5m/s² for a petrol mower)
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to its Zero Turn front swivel wheels and lightweight composition
  • 2 wheel-locking positions: free-turning or guided steering – very smooth transition
  • The handlebar and controls can be adjusted to the user’s height
  • Compact & safe to clean
  • Lightweight: 28kg Rasion EASY / 30kg Rasion SMART

No Mess, No Fuel Smell

  • No petrol fuel management or consumption, which avoids fouling and reduces maintenance
  • Extended running time thanks to very high motor efficiency of 93%
  • Low noise and no fuel smell or exhaust gases, making it possible to work in noise sensitive residential areas and at all times of the day


  • 1,600 W power and cutting width: 60 cm, 6 cutting heights: 25 to 75mm in 10mm increments
  • Running time on a single charge: up to 5 hours – 5,400 m²
  • Electronic management with the new IMS* circuit board. This allows for improved heat dissipation, absorbing power peaks during intensive mowing without reducing the blade speed
  • Automatic anti-jam system, reverse rotation of the blades to remove excess grass from the deck while keeping the mower running (Pellenc Patent)
  • Cutting efficiency is 30% higher than that of a conventional mower
  • Perfect mowing with dual synchronized blades
  • Universal blades (collection + mulching) as standard
  • Better compacting of box contents thanks to finer mowing: 70 L, i.e. more than 10 kg of grass
  • Even mowing with no wheel traces on the ground, selectable ground speed: 2/3/4/5 km/h
  • Time-saving thanks to adaptation of the blade-rotation speed according to the density of the grass (ICC** infrared sensor - standard on the SMART model)
  • Work in any weather: IP54 waterproofing

PELLENC offer a 3 Year Commercial Warranty on all batteries and equipment*
*Vinion and Prunion warranty applicable only if tool is serviced annually by an approved Pellenc dealer.